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Congratulations on your pregnancy! One of the most exciting parts of the journey is capturing those precious moments with stunning photoshoots. It’s important to feel comfortable and confident during your photoshoot, which is why renting a pregnancy dress can be a great option.

Our rental pregnancy dresses are specifically designed to flatter your growing bump and showcase your beautiful curves. Our collection includes a variety of styles, from elegant and classic to trendy and modern, so you can find the perfect dress to match your personality and style.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality dresses that are both comfortable and fashionable. All of our dresses are made with soft, stretchy fabrics that accommodate your changing body and ensure a comfortable fit throughout your photoshoot.

Renting a pregnancy dress is not only a practical choice, but also an eco-friendly one. Instead of buying a dress that you might only wear once, our rental service allows you to enjoy a beautiful dress without contributing to unnecessary waste.

We hope you love our collection of pregnancy dresses and can’t wait to help you capture those unforgettable memories!

The rental costs are between R500 to R750 for a single day or a weekend.